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Welcome to Moon Shells Publishing.  For those of you who admire Anne Morrow Lindbergh as much as I do, you may enjoy knowing more about her life and accomplishments as well as my activities related to her.  I give presentations and classes on her, and through that effort, have met so many wonderful people who share my regard for and interest in her. 

I've greatly admired Anne Morrow Lindbergh since the mid-1980s when I read Bring Me a Unicorn.  I was so taken by her that I read the other four volumes of her letters and diaries and then began reading and collecting her other books.   There were no on-line used book stores then, so it was much more difficult to actually buy some of her work.  The latest book of her letters and diaries, Against Wind and Tide, edited by Reeve Lindbergh,  is a true gift to those of us who have wanted more of Mrs. Lindbergh's insightful observations and deeply personal thoughts. 

Throughout these years, she has enriched my journey as I've studied and learned more about her journey.   And, if you're an admirer of Mrs. Lindbergh, you know that it's all about the journey, both inward and outward.    

I plan to post information on the blog once or twice a week.  You'll find the blog under Tea with Mrs. Lindbergh.  I'll be relaying information on her fascinating life and significant accomplishments.   I've also heard many Lindbergh stories over the years, which I'll occasionally share in appropriate blog postings.   Perhaps you have a Lindbergh story you'd like to share as well.

I hope you enjoy the information and getting connected to fellow followers of Anne Morrow Lindbergh.  For more information, go to:
  • The Play - for information about the play Shells -- A Cameo of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, including how to order the book for yourself or to be sent as a gift.
  • Tea with Mrs. Lindbergh - a blog discussing and reviewing the life and accomplishments of this amazing woman.
  • Presentations - for a list of past and planned presentations as well as information on the class through the Christopher Wren Association (CWA) in Williamsburg, VA. CWA is the education program for seniors sponsored by The College of William and Mary.
  • Background - for information on Virnell Bruce and her life-long interest of and work about Mrs. Lindbergh.

Why Anne Morrow Lindbergh?

Anne Morrow Lindbergh was one of the most accomplished women of the twentieth century: writer, aviator, mother and wife. Her essence still speaks to us through her writing. Throughout her life, she was consistent with the thoughts she embraced and developed over the years. Perhaps in some ways she was ahead of her time:

Before there was Elizabeth Gilbert with Eat, Pray, Love -- on a journey to Italy, India and Indonesia to find balance in life and personal peace through solitude -- there was Anne Morrow Lindbergh, visiting a Florida beach to find balance in her life. She showed us how a channeled whelk reminds us of the simplicity we need to live in grace – and how the moon shell reminds us of the solitude needed to find one’s true center, and that this is a continuous process, done alone.

Before there was Eckhart Tolle with A New Earth, talking about discovering the freedom and joy of a life lived “in the now” -- there was Anne Morrow Lindbergh, for decades in her letters and diaries describing her struggle to live in the “here and now” so she could extract more out of life. She said she learned about this on those early flights traveling with Charles, but alone in the back cockpit.

Before there was Joseph Campbell extolling us to follow our bliss in order to become a whole person -- there was Anne Morrow Lindbergh telling us that one must become whole through the growth of the heart, mind and spirit.

And even before there was James Cameron spending years and limitless funds to develop Avatar – which fuses man with nature -- there was Anne Morrow Lindbergh in an article in Life Magazine in 1970 about her trip on an African safari (Kenya) talking about ecology and our planet, saying that the “artificial split between man and nature . . . has been responsible not only for many of the physical, social and economic troubles of our time, . . . . but it has also resulted in great moral and spiritual distress.”

However, so many people are unaware of the fascinating details of her life.
  • Anne Morrow Lindbergh was born to great wealth and privilege, but that didn’t keep her from becoming an accomplished person herself.
  • She helped chart air-routes all over the world in a two-passenger, one-engine aircraft as the co-pilot, navigator and radio operator.
  • She was a best-selling author, writing about her life’s journeys -- from the letters and diaries to the books on her aviation trips to her most personal inward journey. She is still revered today, especially by senior women.
  • Part of her family life was even more interesting on hindsight. Therefore, the play and presentations include the more recent information about Charles Lindbergh’s families in Germany as well as the affair Mrs. Lindbergh had.
For her entire life, Mrs. Lindbergh espoused and believed in many of the thoughts and aspects of life that are still valued today and that are reflected in today’s best-selling books. She advocated: simplifying and balancing one’s life; setting aside time for solitude and serenity; that one must become whole through the growth of the heart, mind and spirit; and that one must live in the moment to live a more mindful life.

In December 1993, Mrs. Lindbergh was given an award by Women in Aerospace at the reception room of the Library of Congress. The photos here are from that ceremony -- one photo of Mrs. Lindbergh and the other photo includes Reeve Lindbergh on the left and me.

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